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"…God had other plans, and His interruptions are better than our best-laid intentions. They always are. God interrupted Moses’ in the desert with a burning bush, Mary with an angel, and Paul with a blinding light. He plucked David from the field and set him on a course to kingship, and He interrupted the life of Esther to eventually crown her queen. When God interrupts, lives are changed."

Shalene Roberts | Faith & Composition

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Fighting It

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sometimes we complain about the cross we bear not realizing that it’s preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we cannot…

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because the wind is gonna blow no matter what.


God doesn’t talk to me in an audible voice because God isn’t a human; He’s God. That makes sense to me because human beings are limited and God isn’t limited at all. He can communicate to us in any way He wants to anytime he wants to. Through flowers, other people, an uncomfortable sense, a feeling of joy, goose bumps, a newfound talent, or an appreciation we acquire over time. It doesn’t need to be a big mystical thing.

I haven’t seen a combination of tree limbs that looked like John the Baptist or a cloud formation resembling Jesus. Honestly, they look just like branches and clouds to me. But I do see the beauty in them and the beauty that’s everywhere, that God made for me and you. I especially see evidence of God in other people’s lives. What’s beautiful about them always looks an awful lot like God to me. I wonder if the people listening for voices or looking for cloud shapes miss the whisper of God’s creation, somehow thinking it’s a lesser form of communication, like a text message rather than a whole book on tape.

It could just be me, but in all of this and despite what feels like a handicap at times, I can almost read His lips inaudibly saying to me, “I love you this much.”


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…Sometimes though..I do want to hear His voice. …”I’m scared I’m scared..maybe next time..” :)

"I want God, not my idea of God."

C.S. Lewis (via sick-inbed)

"more soul checking"

Heart Check

1 Thessalonians 5:18

King James Version (KJV)

18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

It truly is a hard thing to do; giving God the credit for everything I do, or even worse every good thing that comes my way. That is the lesson for today. God gets the credit for everything. It’s hard to do so when people around you are succeeding and thriving and are able to credit them and only themselves. Faith is hard when others get to use resources and sheer will to accomplish what it is that they want to do or fix any problems that they have or any cars that break down without having to wait for God to do it for them. They answer to no one and they are masters of their own fate. Of course I know the truth but in present circumstances the truth can be really hazy at times. It makes me sometimes feel unable and even more so vulnerable when I fail trying to things on my own without asking God for His permission or His help. And when I succeed, I just want to be able to say look what did. Why? I want people to be proud of me. I want people to admire me. I want people to honor me. At the end of the day, I guess deep down inside, I want people to worship me. I’m fully aware that is a definite No No, one way ticket straight to HELL but that is the nature of man, at least this man, in this manly messed up flesh. I do want to be worshiped and applauded but that is God and God’s alone. So, as scenarios would have it, I try to steal some credit and some shine for myself, either bu doing things myself or putting myself someway and somehow in God’s trophy picture. I find that I actually do try and steal some sunshine when I say or even worse when I quietly believe that it is my prayer or my faith or my true heart that allows me to get this car or this job or this blessing. Honestly? God is just being nice and He is just deciding to bless me because that’s what He wants to do and because He is good. My faith is probably simply being developed as a reassurance  to know that God is always on the throne and that HE will always be victorious. So where does that leave me? How come Joe Ivy League and Lady Success story get to have the credit and the spotlight and the worship and the honor? Easy. It’s not God’s will for me. What is God’s will for me? That in everything that happens to me, that in whatever I “earn” and whatever good comes my way that I give God the credit and I give Him thanks. Let other people worry about themselves. I have to give thanks and give God credit. It’s like the story of the prodigal son. I want my inheritance (entitlement) and then I want to prove that I can do it on my own, after He has given me the opportunities, the skill, the favor, the blessings, the protection, the charm, and you get the drift. Ultimately, I come back smelling like feces and pig muck and God just looks at me and asks, “Why”? Get cleaned up and get back on track. It comes down to choices. Is getting the credit and temporary adulation from man worth repetitive failures especially since I am a Christian and it’s not going to happen any other way? Is it going to matter since I will get adulation anyway that it only happened because God let it and because God willed it? Is glory really that more important than comfort, peace, joy? Heart check. If yes (raises hand), time to close those eyes and ask God for a clean heart, and a renewed spirit. At least He’s nice enough to give us one. Stop trying to steal the glory (speaks to self). Fight through the heaviness of giving glory to God and accept that you are God’s and because you are He gets to be the man for all eternity. Look at the 80/20 principle. Yes they might have self glory and you may not, but who really has more? Who really has more. Rest in God child. No, really. Just rest. Allow yourself to be identified by Him. Allow yourself to belong to Him. Allow yourself to be part of Him. Allow Him to complete you. Live in Him. Fall in. Go all in. Enough trying to walk the line you’ve crossed it a long time ago. Live in God.


Skarvanes - a Village on Sandoy, Faroe Islands by Eileen Sandá on Flickr.

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"You crave the deepest connections with others, but you don’t trust to let anyone in."

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SMH. Can this be anymore me??!!? Jesus working on me though and this Lego heart