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Objects in the mirror are too far away to keep staring at them.

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God revealed to me the concept of magnifying HIS Name through this picture.
It’s up to us what we will magnify during our darkest hours of circumstances: the NAME of JESUS or our problems’ names. 

Black Native (for Clavon)
Photography: Luis Nunez

Anonymous said: why are you so obsessed with the bible


The same reason I’m obsessed with drinking water and breathing oxygen.

"Oh, Aslan,” said Lucy. “Will you tell us how to get into your country from our world?”
“I shall be telling you all the time,” said Aslan. “But I will not tell you how long or short the way will be; only that it lies across a river. But do not fear that, for I am the great Bridge Builder."
— C.S. Lewis (via kvtes)
"You are not designed for everyone to like you."
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"She was laughing even as we kissed and kissed again.There is no better taste than this: someone else’s laughter in your mouth."
— Forever by Maggie Stiefvater (via elenamjacobs)

People can get so caught up in minor theological differences that they miss the big picture of God’s purposes. The early church had the same issue, and Paul encouraged them to determine the important issues from the non-important issues and then move on. With the major challenges facing Christians around the world, let’s not waste time trying to make a big deal of small controversies. The issues of our generation demand our ability to rise above pettiness.
"If you’re suffering right now, you don’t have to pretend it’s all good. You don’t have to add, ‘But praise God.’ When Jesus was hours from crucifixion, he didn’t sing in the garden or act hyper-spiritual. He was sweating blood. He asked the Father for a way out. But Jesus ultimately went to that cross with joy: not a shallow consolation that knows no pain, but a joy deepened by sorrow and recognizing the hurt of humanity. God is always trying to make you more human and not less. You can cry out in agony. In that honesty, God is establishing great character in you. Such a Christian is both happier and sadder at the same time, because they long for a better home and already have one."
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mornings with you.

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"…God had other plans, and His interruptions are better than our best-laid intentions. They always are. God interrupted Moses’ in the desert with a burning bush, Mary with an angel, and Paul with a blinding light. He plucked David from the field and set him on a course to kingship, and He interrupted the life of Esther to eventually crown her queen. When God interrupts, lives are changed."

Shalene Roberts | Faith & Composition

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So well said